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Vega Performance Marketing Overview

Our mission is to be a leading force for bringing positive change to the Affiliate Marketing industry by supporting, enhancing and expanding the world’s “Most Efficient and Most Trusted Performance CPA Marketplace.”

We have established strong business partnerships with Microsoft Advertising and major agencies as a Preferred Super Publisher, providing managed services and direct distribution through a global community of online Media Partners and other Direct Response Marketers, including the Microsoft Media Network, the Impact Radius Marketplace and other major media channels. We provide our Client Advertisers, including agencies and other marketing services providers, with deep domain expertise, technology infrastructure and award-winning campaign management to execute multi-tactic, Publisher Optimized Cost-Per-Action (PO-CPA) services that deliver superior results and outstanding return on investment.


Vega Performance Marketing Core Values

Our guiding principle is to provide the maximum value to the primary parties we serve in the performance CPA marketplace – Brand Advertisers (and their Agencies), and our network of premium Publishers and other Digital Media Marketers. We believe that building an effective Performance Marketing program is the ultimate objective of an integrated digital marketing strategy, and to be effective, it must operate in tandem with other advertising programs and be aligned with the merchant’s overall business strategies, brand positioning and budgets.

Our top priority is to assist our clients with developing effective CPA programs, engaging creative content, accurate attribution reporting, and superior campaign execution. We contract only with proven and trusted distribution partners to insure brand protection and accountability. We believe that a Performance Media campaign must contribute to an optimal return on investment across all marketing tactics. To achieve these objectives, we aggregate the best people, utilize the best tools, and work every day to diligently serve the interests of our clients.


Vega Performance Marketing History

Our Founders set out in 2009 with a mission to empower Advertisers with a more rational and cost-effective model for Affiliate Performance Marketing. We developed our model managing Affiliate Programs for several Microsoft Product Groups and a select group of other online merchants. In July of 2011 our Founders leveraged the relationships with these global marketing partners to bring together a team of industry veterans, leading edge technology partners and award-winning campaign management experts to launch Vega Performance Marketing (VPM) as the vehicle for marketing to a broader range of Advertisers and Agencies.

Today, we work hand-in-hand with our Partner companies to offer a suite of Managed Services, covering all aspects of successful Performance CPA marketing programs. This combination of “expert resources, infrastructure & services” operates as a highly evolved marketplace for Advertisers to connect their products and services to consumers through trusted Affiliate Marketing channels in the most cost-effective way.

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