Partner with VPM to power your Private Label service, or extend current distribution to new channels and deliver optimal results for your clients

Whether you represent a retailer, financial or educational institution, or business-to-business service provider, we can manage your clients’ Performance CPA programs from end-to-end, or extend your distribution through our marketplace of Premiere Media Partners. Whether the objective is direct sales (CPS), Lead-Generation (CPL) or other actions, our team will grow your client revenues while working under your strategy guidance, leveraging your creative assets and adhering to your client’s budget. The best part is, our fees are based on the performance we deliver.

Higher Value – Lower Costs – Better Results
Our business model is designed to deliver higher value to our clients by lowering the cost of operations required to manage your Performance programs. We do this by aggregating the distribution and management of your campaigns and Media Partner relationships under one organization, using the latest technology tools. The result is lower infrastructure costs, less middleman fees, and more efficient and effective results. Depending on the Advertisers sales volume and ROI goals, this model can enable you to pay more out to your Media Partners while optimizing overall CPA. Click here to contact a VPM Representative about your CPA program needs.

Day-to-Day Campaign Management
Our team of highly-skilled Performance CPA Experts typically work on fewer campaigns than most Affiliate Network managers, enabling us to give more attention to each campaign. Our process is designed to augment your in-house staff, relieving them of much of the day-to-day tasks and stretching your Account Management resources to enable onboarding of more Clients. Our services are very affordable and keep you in control; our goal is not to replace your in-house teams, but to empower them. Read More…

Media Partner Recruitment
We are not constrained by the walls of a network, increasing your reach into the worldwide Performance Marketing sector to match your campaign with the right Media Partners that market specific offers to targeted demographics. We work with the top media partners, but also have direct relationships with new and unique distribution sources outside the traditional Affiliate and CPA networks,. Our team manages all Publisher contracts, payments and conversion validation, while insuring full accountability to your creative, campaign terms and brand compliance standards. Read More…

Tracking Platform Integration
We use the Impact Radius SaaS Plaform as our default Campaign Management, Tracking and Attribution solution, and can seamlessly integrate with most any Ad-Serving and Tracking platform of record; including Atlas, Commission Junction, Linkshare, LinkTrust, HasOffers, DirectTrack and others. Conversion validation is always determined by the Tracking Platform of Record, with the Advertiser retaining total control of placement standards and approving Media Partner payouts. Read More…

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