Application Process

By completing the application process, you are applying for admittance as a Premiere Media Partner of the Impact Radius Agency account of Vega Performance Marketing. If you are already an Impact Radius Media Partner, please enter thru the Client Login (above-right). Once signed in, you can access and apply to participate in all VPM and Microsoft Advertising sponsored campaigns under their respective Agency accounts. At any given time, VPM may manage both “Public” and “Private” offers for both Direct Advertiser clients, as well as Advertisers participating in the Microsoft CPA Marketplace.

If applying as a new Media Partner, the form below will ask you to: provide your company’s basic biographic info, describe you media properties and promotional methods, account Administrator info, and your Business Type and EIN or SSN, and allow you to review and approve our General Terms and the Impact Radius Service Agreements for using their platform and participating in the IR Marketplace. Registration will require approximately 15-30 minutes to complete (depending on how fast/carefully you read our terms and conditions).

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