Ivan Braiker

Board Member – Director
Director and President, HipCricket – Augme, Inc.

Ivan BraikerIvan Braiker has been a force for change in media and marketing for decades. He began his 30 years in broadcast media as an account executive with a CBS television affiliate in Las Vegas, but soon became co-owner and operator of a radio station there. In 1976, he took a position heading Belo Broadcasting’s radio division, where he was recognized as a successful major-market General Manager. He later co-founded and was president of Satellite Music Network, the first radio network to distribute live, 24-hour programming via satellite — an innovation that earned him Billboard Magazine’s “Trendsetter of the Year” award.

In the interim, he built a series of radio networks, starting with Olympia Broadcasting, which became one of the first publicly-held radio groups. When Ivan got there, it was a single station; when he left, it held a 15-station portfolio with presences in eight key markets. He subsequently co-founded and served as president of New Northwest Broadcasters, which grew under Ivan’s leadership to hold more than 40 stations.

His reputation for leadership has earned him the respect of an entire industry. He is a frequent speaker at many advertising and media events, including conferences held by the National Association of Broadcasters and Radio Advertising Bureau. In addition to serving as VPM’s Board Member representing our outside investor group, Mr. Braiker also currently serves on the Board of Directors of Abacast, Inc.

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