Pat Murphy

President & CEO, Director, Vega Performance Marketing, Inc.

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Pat MurphyMr. Murphy is a co-founder and serves as President, CEO. Since earning his MBA from Washington State University in 1984, Pat has been consistently launching and growing leading-edge technology companies. He entered the information industry by selling the first PC-based billing systems for Healthcare offices (using TRS-80’s with dual 56k floppy drives), and has subsequently provided strategic sales and marketing consulting to some of the world’s largest technology firms, including Microsoft, AT&T, Intel, BT Net and Qwest, as well as multiple early-stage and startup companies. Since 1999, he has helped raise over $100 million in early-stage capital.

From 2005-2009 Pat was a Principal at Lawrence Associates LLC, a boutique consulting firm and long-time Microsoft Vendor specializing in developing Solution Marketing tools, Value-Selling models and Executive Selling training for global companies. As Exec. Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Seattle-based N2H2 (acquired by Secure Computing), he led that firms’ introduction of the first “Filtered Search Engine” for the education market and sold the first Banner Advertising to be broadly deployed within the U.S. public school system. Pat’s team led the meteoric sales effort that supported N2H2’s $65 million IPO in July 1999. He has since co-founded four businesses and served in various c-level executive, strategic consulting and business development roles. His experience spans the online services, healthcare, gaming, education, business applications and telecom sectors.

Pat received his B.S in Agricultural Economics and an M.B.A. in Finance from Washington State University. He is a long-time member of the WSU College of Business National Board of Advisors, and previously served on the school’s Entrepreneurial Studies Program Advisory Board. Pat has also served on several corporate and non-profit boards.

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