Dynamic Predictive Lead Scoring

Vega Performance Marketing Overview

A member of the VPM suite of Performance Marketing Services, LeadSCORZ is an end-to-end solution that leverages the power of BIG DATA to optimize your lead generation program and significantly improveing the efficiency of your sales team.

  • Stop wasting valuable time on bad leads
  • Automatically identify and focus on your best leads
  • Automatically update your Scoring accuracy by auto-posting new conversions to LeadSCORZ
  • Direct your marketing spend towards generating more of what’s working and less of what’s not!
LeadSCORZ delivers higher conversion rates, lower cost per sale – and HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS!

How do we do it?

We integrate the LeadSCORZ SaaS platform with your CRM system via an easily configured API. Our leading edge Cloud-based solution harnesses the power of BIG DATA to create a customized scoring algorithm to target your best prospects and instantly identify those prospects most likely to purchase your product or services.

Your Marketing department will benefit from the powerful targeting data produced as a by-product of the LeadSCORZ scoring system to dynamically optimize your media buys and filter paid Affiliate leads. You can be acquiring, validating and scoring new leads in real-time in a matter of days!

An End-to-End Lead Management Solution – Supported by Industry Experts!

The LeadSCORZ solution is very simple to use, integrating a variety of leading-edge technologies, easy-to-configure business rules, real-time data-processing and sophisticated quality controls. As illustrated above, our platform works in conjunction with both your Lead Generation tactics and your existing CRM system to capture and validate leads in real time, process and score them based on your own conversion history, then updating your CRM system to create a scored leads sales funnel that is dynamically managed based on each lead’s relative probability of converting to a sale!


The LeadSCORZ solution enables a more efficient lead generation and management process – resulting in more sales and higher margins – Period.

But there’s much more. The conversion data output from your Sales funnel returns to LeadSCORZ which allows the algorithm to dynamically learn and tune itself to be even more efficient and effective. In turn, LeadSCORZ can return powerful insights to aid your media buying, in the form of marketing intelligence derived by our scoring engine – enabling highly target media buying to drive new leads. It’s really that simple!

Everybody Loves Options!

Now that you have an overview of the LeadSCORZ solution, understanding the options is the next step.

  • Ala carte SaaS subscriptions for Lead Management, Validating, Predictive Scoring, Media Targeting
  • Affiliate Recruiting, Management, Reporting & Payments
  • Full Lead-Gen Program Management as Agency-of-Record
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Consulting, Media Buying, Program Optimization
  • Starting as low as $1.50 / Lead

Our Technology and Expertise Make the Difference


We are experts at Lead Generation & Predictive Lead Scoring. First and foremost, we are here to educate you on the options, possibilities and alternatives in this emerging data science field. Then we apply the know-how and technology assets we have developed and deployed to solve your most vexing sales challenge: acquiring and nurturing high quality leads. This is accomplished via:

  • Real-Time Synch with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Dynamic Tuning of Your Scoring Algorithm
  • ROI Tracking for all of your lead sourcing channels
  • The highest level of Compliance Monitoring & Lead Fraud Protection


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