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Managed Service Philosophy

Optimizing The Client Experience
At VPM we believe a true “MarketPlace” happens when only the necessary parties are engaged in the process, doing the things that they do best. With traditional Performance Marketing channels, it seems that there are too many participants in the supply-chain delivering too little value; the more fees Advertisers pay, the less efficient and less effective are the services. We appreciate that you cannot effectively separate “Strategy” from “Execution”, or “Distribution” from “Accountability”. We don’t impede effective business relationships by putting artificial barriers between the Buyers and Sellers. At VPM we believe that by consolidating all elements of the Performance Marketing process under one Managed Services organization, and simply providing great tools and services to support the two key participants in this marketplace (Advertisers and Publishers), we can lower costs and increase effectiveness.


Vega Performance Marketing Process

WHO WE SERVE: Our clients include Direct Advertisers, with whom we work as an Outsourced Program Manager, and Media Agencies, whom we serve with both branded and “white-label” services. For all of our clients, VPM acts as a “Super Affiliate” contracting with Media Partners on behalf of the advertiser to deliver scalable distribution into independent (Owned & Operated) Web properties, premium Media Networks and emerging media channels.

As the “Super Publisher” for agencies that serve a large number of advertisers, VPM manages Media Partner relationships for the benefit of our clients. This arrangement conveys many benefits to the Media Partners as well. The flow of offers from these key relationships enables us to offer higher payouts, while better resourcing our Media Partner recruitment and day-to-day campaign management teams, providing our Media Partners with more offers to choose from, better service, responsive creative support, and faster payments.

WHAT WE DELIVER FOR ADVERTISERS: Our core business is providing the infrastructure technology and managed services to develop, expand or improve Advertiser CPA marketing campaigns that drive revenues; whether the objective is direct sales, lead generation, service registrations, trial offers, or application downloads. We drive quantifiable results through a number of channels; display ads, textual ads, blogging, e-Newsletters, mobile marketing, eMail, click-to-call, radio and direct response television. Read More…

INTEGRATED MEDIA BUYING SERVICES: In addition to online CPA campaigns, we offer hybrid solutions that leverage multi-channel media buying to share the financial risk of Performance campaigns between Publishers and Advertisers. These services include SEM (Search PPC) buying and management, as well as highly targeted CPM media buying. We also advise clients on how to best integrate digital media programs with traditional marketing methods that include print, editorials, radio, TV, and other methods of promoting your products and services.

HOW WE CHARGE: Our success is based on building revenue-generating results for our clients on a performance basis. We literally live up to our name – “Vega Performance Marketing”, meaning that our fee structures are based on the performance of campaigns that we manage for clients. Advertisers pay when they get a valid click, lead or sale from VPM’s Media Partners. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the lowest possible eCPA (effective Cost-Per-Action) by optimizing your media spend across all online tactics, thereby earning your trust and commitment to a long-term relationship with our company.

HOW WE PROTECT YOUR BRAND: Simply put; we strictly abide by and enforce the highest creative and compliance standards in the industry. We believe that more transparency with regard to campaign activity reporting, pricing and Media Partner management makes for a more effective and accountable CPA marketplace. With CPA campaigns, the ad placement is typically done by the Media Partner to optimize results, therefore, our Advertiser / Agency clients desire a higher level of transparency to insure integrity of the marketing tactics and protection of the merchant’s brand image. Our innovative approach to managing campaigns as a “Super Affiliate” for our trusted Media Partners provides the desired transparency and accountability, while giving Advertisers real-time access to campaign activity, allowing them a higher degree of control and confidence and the ability to measure results in real-time.

BENEFITS OF BECOMING A VPM MEDIA PARTNER: As a VPM Media Partner, you gain access to great offers from the best brands and companies that align with your media outlets and properties. Through our partnerships, VPM is able to present offers with the highest probability of success and payouts that will maximize your revenue per unique visitor, click, sales conversion, or whatever key metric drives your business. Whether you are an established “Owner/Operator” with a targeted demographic, a publishing network with unique targeting technology, or a new media channel offering unique reach, at VPM we understand what drives your business and deliver access to exclusive campaigns from the world’s largest pool of brand advertisers. Let us connect you with the advertisers that make the most sense for your publishing reach so that everybody wins. Read More…

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