Quality Assurance

Information is not actionable unless mixed with experience. Results are not valuable unless based on assurances of integrity and quality. VPM welcomes accountability to our Clients and Partners, and brings to the table some of the most respected leaders in the online advertising industry, who possess the domain expertise to deliver both ROI and guarantees of the highest quality and compliance standards. Unlike traditional affiliate networks, at VPM we are committed to shaping a new standard in CPA marketing by providing expertise, tools and support that enable our clients fully participate in the Performance CPA Marketplace while trusting our Team to manage the operational elements that insure quality results:

Partner Management: We allow your team to focus on strategic initiatives and offload the day-to-day running of your campaigns. VPM will deliver consistent, high-quality management that drives results from your Media Partners.

Partner Recruitment: Grow your business with the ideal Media Partners – we’ll guarantee quality, compliance and accountability to your advertising standards.

Brand Enhancement: Ensuring your brand guidelines are adhered to by constantly monitoring Partner compliance with your policies—such as copy rules or SEM guidelines. We promote and enhance your brand by ensuring your campaign is delivered to top Media Partners in the industry.

Quality Analysis: We understand online traffic behavior and have the tools to monitor quality of the traffic, then provide advice on how make improvements for higher sales volumes and more qualified leads.

Fraud Management: We only work with established and trusted affiliates, which we fully vet to your needs and hold to the highest industry standards for compliance and integrity. We continually monitor activity to identify, prevent, and report fraud to build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Bold Creative: We provide expert guidance to help you develop bold and creative campaigns to drive the traffic and transactions needed to grow revenue and bottom line profits.

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