VPM was founded with the goal of changing the status quo in the Performance Marketing industry by introducing a more efficient, Advertiser-focused model for delivering Performance campaign services. A foundational pillar of this model is offering our clients state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions, and the expertise to make use of these tools to increase the ROI of Performance Media campaigns.

We selected the Impact Radius solution as our primary campaign management platform. Developed by a veteran team of performance-advertising experts, the new-generation Impact Radius solution focuses on “the Advertiser and/or Agency view” of the Performance marketplace and delivers the key functionality and User Experience that our team and our clients need to deliver superior results:

Innovative: First of its kind, direct response marketing platform that is fully integrated and serves all media channels.

Comprehensive: Enables our Clients to see the entire picture via the full-integration of all tools in one platform.

Transparent: In alignment with our philosophy that “Transparency Builds Trust”, the platform provides features that give full transparency in all partnership aspects.

Efficient: Simply-designed tools with built-in work-flow automation features make everyday tasks such as electronic negotiations, contracts, and insertion orders easy and intuitive.

Scalable: The management team at Impact Radius built their solution to serve the increasingly sophisticated and fast-growing Performance Marketplace, with a highly scalable SaaS architecture and virtually unlimited data-management capabilities.

VPM offers our Clients all of the Impact Radius SaaS solutions as Managed Services provided by our staff. This is the level of technology platform that VPM requires to achieve our objectives within the broader Performance CPA segment. The primary modules of the IR technology used by most of our Advertisers and Agencies for whom we manage Performance CPA campaigns include the following:


Manages the Advertiser, Agency and Media Partner relationships that are the foundation of our Managed Services offering…learn more

The Impact Radius Marketplace

The Marketplace is an open community of Media Partners (Publishers and Specialized Marketing firms) that is managed by the VPM team and leveraged for your benefit to provide maximum distribution channels for your offers. VPM will run your campaigns as either “Private Campaigns”, whereby we will hand-pick and directly manage the onboarding of all Media Partners participating in your program to maintain a higher degree of control and testing with a new campaign, or “Public Campaigns” whereby a campaign previously launched in CPA or Affiliate Networks can find the broadest extension of their market reach in very little time.

In either case, all Media Partners are fully vetted by both Impact Radius and VPM’s Account Team before being submitted for approval by your internal or agency campaign managers…learn more

Other Best-of-Breed Technology Partners

Rather than building the multi-faceted tool-set required to efficiently manage and optimize CPA campaigns in today’s marketplace, we sought out Technology Partners who had already leveraged their years of experience to build new SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that we could integrate with our managed services. The VPM team are experts with managing multiple technologies and build on the foundational IR SaaS Platform with other specialized tools and support services from a suite of Technology Partner Solutions that our research and testing concluded are the best at their particular task and whose staff are passionate about delivering top-notch customer support.

See our entire technology tool-kit solutions set on our Partners page

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